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  • Wide outside span (38, 39 or 40”) provides even more lunge space than our best selling Megabend 36 loop.
    • Elevates neckrail to minimize cow contact when getting up to leave stall
  • Longer lower leg provides additional control
    • keeps cows “squarer” in stall when resting
    • cows less prone to roll into adjacent stall
    • less opportunity for injury
    • less manure on stall beds
  • Tapered top leg allows cow to start turning sooner when exiting stall
Specifications -
  • Loop is made from strong, high-tensile 2 3/8” O.D.
    • 10 gauge Gatorshield® galvanized tubing for strength
      and corrosion resistance
  • Standpipe mounting system shown, other mounting options available
  • Available in various lengths for shorter or longer stalls