Gel Mat

In 1993, we introduced our rubber crumb filled Pasture mats which revolutionized the cow industry.

Promat Inc. became the leader in animal comfort and to date has sold over 3 million mattresses in 50 countries. Now after years of improving cow health and dramatically increasing milk production, we have done it again!!

We have created a new solution by linking scientific technology with cow comfort. It's called the Gel Mat DS. Our new, stronger "Drop Stitch" technology consisting of a top and bottom layer joined with literally 100's of stitches per square foot. This new internal design ensures a flat, consistent, durable firmness across the mattress surface.. This new internal design ensures a flat, consistent, durable firmness across the mattress surface. The stitches give and the Gel migrates around any pressure from the cow.

gel Mat
We have linked scientific technology with cow comfort to create an improved GELMAT DS, and it is the best simulation of a soft pasture yet.

We are now REVOLUTIONIZING the industry once again!!!!

The Gel Mat DS consists of these components:

  • * The Gel Mat DS which simulates the softness of the pasture
  • * The rubber top cover which spans an entire row of stalls
  • * Poly Pillow to index the cow
  • * Felt Underlay to protect the mattress from the concrete
  • * CCS-Comfort Control System. Air line system to control the pressure

Gel Mat

Pasture gel Mat

DS Gel Mats are shipped with Gel Powder installed. They are then filled with water to mix the Gel. Once filled they are then sealed with a check valve cap. This cap has an air line that connects to a main trunk line that will supply air to all the DS Gel Mats. The Trunk lines run to a supplied Regulator box that is fed air from a compressor. The regulator is then set for the correct PSI and left running live. If in the future a DS Gel Mat requires more pressure the check valve opens and allows the mat to be pressurized back to the setting. This system ensures that all the Gel Mats remain the same pressure all the time.

Gel Mat

Pasture gel Mat

The gel mat solves two major problematic areas of cow comfort:

the impact on the cow joints when the cow lies down, and the pressure points strain she has while lying down. When a cow lays down, she free falls over five inches. This means 100's of pounds slam into the hard surface causing damage to the cows limbs.

When a cow is lying down on a hard surface, there is extreme pressure where the cow and the surface meet. With the Gel Mat DS, there is superior shock absorption. This reduces the impact on the cow joints and relieves the strain it has while lying .

Cow Getting up on Gel Mat DS

Because of this, cows will have a longer laying time and will be more healthy, also increasing milk production. The Gel Mat DS was designed to stay soft for many years, because it is a gel mat. This means less bedding and more comfortable cows.

The surface acts like a deep bedded pack!! Her feet dig in for the ultimate surface to rise on.

Cow Getting Down on Gel Mat DS

Pasture gel Mat

Tactile surface pressure and force sensor technology

We are using this technology to study how cows lie down on a surface. It shows us that when a cow is lying down on the GEL Mat DS her pressure points are relieved. The Gel Mat DS forms around EVERY cow so she has maximum comfort, it also helps maintain good blood flow. This is the same technology used in hospitals.

Pasture gel Mat

The sensors are thin film elements that reveal actual contact (interfacial) pressure and distribution between any two mating or impacting surfaces.

Pasture gel Mat

We are doing further studies on this technology this video demonstrates how it works with a cow.

Cow Getting up on Gel Mat DS with sensors

The top cover, which is the second component, makes stalls easier to clean and more hygienic. WIth less bedding and a seamless rubber top, cleaning time is cut down drastically.

The top cover stretches the entire row of stalls, creating a uniformed surface. and making it easy to clean.

Pasture gel Mat

The Gel mat has been tested to ensure that it lasts. Our steel hoof impact tester has cycled well over 180,000 times.

Other products are not one piece and therefore create ideal places for bacteria to thrive. Also, because it is gel, it will settle back to it's original position. This means no holes or puddles where urine and manure can settle.

The Gel Mat DS lead to a great return on investment, less labor, less bedding material and more milk produced from increased lie times.

Great for New or Renovations for ANY size dairy

Another great feature of this product is its weight. This product takes up 90 percent less storage then our rubber crumb mattresses. The mats are shipped empty and are filled on site with the gel. We have also created custom tools that make the installation easier.

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