We are dedicated to Cow Comfort. We sell and Install ONLY the best cow mattresses from Promat Inc. We have a mattress to accommodate ANY dairy and ANY bedding. Please select the options below.

We also offer rubber flooring sloutions

Promat Inc. is the World leader in Cow Comfort. Please visit Promat's website for more information.  


Pasture Mat & Comfort Pad 1.5".

The number ONE selling Cow Mattress in the World since 1991!!!! More than 3,000,000 cows use Pasture Mat. Topped with a 1.5" High Densiry Foam.


Pack Mat.

Pack Mat reduces sand usage up to 70%. The system will maintain stall dimensions 24/7. No need to mechanically rake stalls anymore!!! 1 inch of sand on the Pack Mat is equall to 6 to 8 inches of deep sand. Designed for ANY deep pack material.


Comfort Mat 3"

For the ultimate and only 3" foam mat on the market, look no further than the Comfort Mat. The high quality foam in the Comfort Mat molds to the exact contour of the cow, giving her outstanding comfort and support. The mat also has a built in slope to maximize drainage from the bed.



Innovative hybrid design incorporating both rubber and foam to ensure a soft and durable lying surface.


Gel Mat DS

If you want the best in terms of comfort, resting time and guaranteed durability, you need the GELMAT DST - made even better with Comfort Control System.


Maternity Pens

Maternity Pen are a fantastic addition to your dairy.


Tuff Trac Rubber Flooring

Tensiry Foam.