Video research

One second equals one minute. These are low resolution videos to reduce size.

Problem barn.
This barn has poor stall dimensions. Low neck rail narrow stalls and an 8 foot platform from the curb to the wall. Cows stand half in and half out for up to 2.5 hours after milking.

Free Stall with correct dimensions.
This barn has good stall dimensions. 16 foot platform head to head and a 9' 6" platform on the outside row. The neck rail is 50" high and located 66" from the back of the curb to contact.

Split screen of the first two videos.

1000 cow dairy in California with Pack Mat and compost bedding.

800 cow dairy in California with Pack Mat.

Pack Mat system and sand bedding.

350 cow dairy in Sweden. Pasture Mat system with Premium Pad.

Cow getting up in Pasture. Cow naturally lunging in Pasture. ALL Stall designs MUST accommodate her natural ergonomics.

Cow getting up in Pasture #2

Bad Lunge Pipe.
Bad lunge in stall with a low pipe in front of the stall. All pipes or straps must be in thr right location so she can lunge forward but stop her from going through ther stall. Call us for the exact dimensions

Bad Lunge wall
Bad lunge in a traditional 8 foot platform that offers no lung room for the cow. Hock sores and hair loss are caused from abraisions from stuggling to get up.

Cow getting down in Pasture.
Notice how low to the ground her head goes when she lunges forward to get down.

Great natural lunge in free stall.
With the correct dimensions cows can act natural just like in pasture.

Comfortable Cows mean more milk

Promat Inc. was the first company in the World to utilize time lapse videos in a dairy barn. This taught us about cow behaviour in free stall barns.

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