Free Stall & Tie Stall Dividers

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Comfort, Strength, Versatile...
Providing popular stall and mounting designs.

  • Heavy duty and easy to install.
  • Comfortable stall designs.
  • Various mounting options
GEA Norbco Freestall Designs
Superior comfort and stall usage.
  • Can be used with any bedding system.
  • Excellent stall layouts and unobstructed lunge space.
  • Unique design offers proper neck rail height.
  • Available in various lengths.
  • Strong high tensile 2 3/8” OD 10 gauge pre-galvanized tubing.
  • 48” and 46” standard neckrail height.
  • Custom stall designs are available.

Megabend 36 Freestall
  • Excellent lunging space.
  • Good balance of control and comfort.

  • Allows more turning area when exiting stall.
  • Longer lower leg keeps cow cleaner.

Super Quad
  • Provides more hip room when lying down.

Heifer Loop
  • Complete line of heifer stalls.

Single Beam Mounting System

Channel Mount
Wood Mount

Surface Mount


Heavy Duty Cross Clamps     

       Poly Tube Brisket System

Also Available:

  • Multimount Bracket & Backplates
  • 4” Channel Iron
  • Weld U Brackets
  • Neckrail & Neckrail Row End Brackets
  • Wood Brisket Board Brackets

Tie Stalls

We specialize in Tie Stalls.

Please call us for more information on design and complete Tie Stall Systems!!!

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